All things new!

Spring is here, and it has brought some seriously exciting things with it!

If this time last year you had told me I would be running a 5 star reviewed business and being a full time artist I would have laughed... if you told me that I would be designing my own homeware and sell out I think I would have been concerned for your sanity!!

But Covid happened, I had some time to start painting again give it a few months and I quit my previous job with horses to unleash my creative side! Although I still love being with my horses, I haven't once looked back.

I could not be here now without the continued support from you all, from all of the orders, likes, shares and so much more! I have learnt so much already and I am so excited to just keep expanding and improving my work!

Behind the scenes I have been working so hard to have my new designs ready for spring! And this weekend marks their launch! I have tried to listen to what new animals you would all like and I think I have managed to bring most of them to the collection!

This collection is a huge milestone for me and my small business, it features cows, dogs, horses, sheep, birds and more! As usual everyhting is printed in the UK and made from the highest quality materials.

My oven gloves are made from a similar 100& cotton material to my tea towels but are much thicker. The mitts are padded and the inside of the gloves towelled for grip. Which means they are very heat resistant and super hard wearing.

So to sum up, keep your eyes peeled for my HUGE product LAUNCH this Easter weekend. My VIP's will be getting an early bird offer, so if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to my members list.

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